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Which Lamborghini Model is Cheapest to Insure:

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Facts about Lamborghini:

  • Lamborghini is an Italian supercar brand that is extremely famous
  • The brand is owned by Volkswagen (Audi)
  • The company is based out of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy
  • Lamborghini was founded in 1963
  • Lamborghini currently has over a thousand employees

Buying a Lamborghini:


If you want to buy a Lamborghini, you are going to need to have a massive budget. These cars are designated as supercars as they have massive engines in them and extremely luxurious designs. Due to the high degree of detail that goes into the design of a Lamborghini, the company only makes a very small amount of cars each and every year. There are a few different models available for sale, which we will break down below for you:

The HURACÁN is designed with a powerful engine and a very sleek body style. This car has a massive engine and traditional Lambo doors. This car is available in numerous different body styles to suit your personal tastes and you can pick up the HURACÁN in an RWD Coupe, an RWD Spyder, an AVIO, or as a Performante body design. These cars are very low to the ground and have pretty large wheels to give them an aggressive stance.

The Aventador has the look that most people think of when they think of a Lamborghini. This design has a very high level of technology and is also available in a variety of different models depending on your preferences. The Aventador comes in a Coupe or S Coupe design, a sleek Roadster design, a sporty design in the SV Coupe, a convertible design in the SV Roadster, or a sleek, but traditional design in the Miuru Homage.

Pros of Lamborghini Cars:

  • Lamborghini has established itself as a high-end supercar and has an established look that will be recognized anywhere you go
  • These cars are extremely fast and have a whole lot of style
  • Traditional Lambo doors are on all models
  • The Aventador and the HURACÁN come in different style designs to suit your personal tastes
  • Luxurious Interior designs
  • Available in a wide range of color options to suit your personal color preferences

Cons of Lamborghini Cars:

  • Horrible fuel economy
  • Expensive to get parts for
  • Very low to the ground, which is not good for driving off of main roads
  • High MSRP even if you get a base model
  • Any additional features and upgrades for a Lamborghini is going to be very expensive, especially if you are getting a larger engine
  • These cars may be a little difficult to reverse

List of All Models in Canada

Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini and Auto Theft:


The nice thing about owning a Lamborghini is that it is one of the most noticeable cars on the road. If someone was to steal your car it likely wouldn’t be all that hard to be able to track it down on the road as all you would have to do is ask people if they have seen a Lambo or not. However, even though it is unlikely that someone will attempt to steal your Lambo, you never really know. Lamborghini’s are quite expensive and if you buy one, you are likely going to want to protect your investment on the off chance that someone tries to make a getaway with your car. The best way to protect your investment is to pay for comprehensive insurance on your vehicle. This may be expensive, but it will cost you nowhere close to the same price as that of a brand new car, which you should definitely keep in mind.

Lamborghini and Your Safety:


Lamborghini’s have massive engines in them and for this very reason, safety is important. It is not hard to lose control of a car when you are accelerating at a fast rate of speed or if you are driving too fast for the conditions. Luckily, Lamborghini does consider this when they are designing their cars in order to make them as safe as possible to drive. Here are some of the main ones that Lamborghini incorporates:

Air Bags:

If you get into a crash one of the things that have the biggest chance of saving you from a serious injury is the airbags. It is for this very reason that Lamborghini incorporates airbags in front of both the driver, the passenger as well as beside the front seats and at knee level in order to reduce injury as much as possible if a crash were to occur.

Stability System:

If you happen to lose control of your Lambo while you are driving, you can have some peace of mind. Lamborghini has a system in place that is designed to recognize when you lose control of the vehicle and it will react accordingly to help you gain back control. The stability system is designed to apply brakes as well as change engine power until you are back in control of the vehicle.

Ignition Disable:

Although you can and should get insurance for your Lamborghini, you can also feel somewhat at peace due to there being a security system in place within the car. The vehicle does not let a person start the vehicle unless the original key is used, which is great so long as you keep the key safe and near your person at all times.

Safety Ratings for a Lamborghini:

One unfortunate thing about buying something this expensive is that it often does not get crash tested to see how things work out. You will have to trust in the Lamborghini design to save you in the event of a crash, rather than base your thoughts on Crash statistics. Luckily, Lamborghini is made by Volkswagen and they do produce very safe cars, which means that you should feel fairly safe driving this car as long as you are careful with the throttle. This car has a lot more horsepower than an average car so if that is what you are used to driving, you are definitely going to want to take it easy when you first start off driving one of these cars.

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