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Which Jeep Model is Cheapest to Insure:

Jeep ModelsMontrealTorontoCalgaryEdmontonOttawa

Facts about Jeep:

  • Jeep is an American Automotive brand that is a wholly-owned division of Chrysler
  • The company was founded in 1941 and was acquired by Chrysler in 1987
  • Jeep currently sells sport utility vehicles as well as off-road vehicles
  • Jeep currently produces six models

Buying a Jeep:


If you are looking for an off-road or a sports utility vehicle, Jeep certainly develops among the best vehicles on the market for this purpose. Although these vehicles may not be the best on fuel, you will find that they are quite comfortable and reliable to drive around. Jeeps have been made for a very long time and were even used back in the 2nd world war. Today’s Jeeps have a ton of different features and price points that may interest you. Here are the latest models and why they might interest you to get a Jeep:

If you are looking to grab the cheapest MSRP Jeep on the market, you may be interested in a Jeep Patriot. This vehicle actually packs in a whole lot of features for its price tag and you will love the storage room that this Jeep has to offer. The Jeep comes in a manual or an automatic transmission to suit the driving styles of everyone on the market. Definitely, a vehicle to consider if you are on a budget.

If you are looking to spend a decent chunk of money on a Jeep, but don’t want to grab the highest MSRP Jeep available, you may like the Renegade, the all-new Compass, the Cherokee, or the Jeep Wrangler. These vehicles have larger engines in them and more towing capacity as a result. You will have to decide whether you are looking for an off-road vehicle in a Wrangler or if you want a sports utility vehicle in the other three models.

The top of the line Jeep is the Grand Cherokee. The interior of this vehicle is nicer than the other base model Jeep vehicles available. You also get a large V6 engine with this model and some very high-quality aluminum rims, which look great on your vehicle. This is an awesome vehicle that burns a lot of gas, but that is a whole lot of fun to drive around.

Pros of Jeep Cars:

  • Many people really like to take their vehicles off-road
  • Towing capacity is pretty good with these vehicles
  • Jeeps tend to have a pretty good sound system inside of them
  • These vehicles do have nicer wheels than many other cars on the market, even when you pick up a low MSRP version of the Jeep

Cons of Jeep Cars:

  • These vehicles can cost a fair chunk to maintain especially if you use them for off-roading purposes
  • These vehicles tend to use up a lot of gas
  • The fairly large size of Jeep vehicles makes them more difficult to park and squeeze into tight spaces

List of All Jeep Models in Canada

Grand Cherokee
Grand Wagoneer

Jeep and Auto Theft:


Jeeps are extremely popular off-road vehicles and for this reason, you definitely need to worry about auto theft. Generally, when people steal Jeeps they are going to be using it off-roading, which is why you might not get it back if it gets stolen from you. In 2013 the National Insurance Crime Bureau ranked Jeep Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee as the 8th most stolen vehicle. For this reason, you are going to want to consider protecting yourself from theft. It is a good idea to not only lock your doors when you exit your Jeep but to keep your keys hidden and out of reach. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure that you have comprehensive insurance coverage on your Jeep so that you can be sure the insurance company has your back if your vehicle happens to be stolen or broken into.

Jeep and Your Safety:


Since these vehicles are largely meant for the purpose of off-roading, they are capable and sport, they are capable of taking quite a beating. If you are looking to get a safe vehicle, you definitely can’t go wrong if you decide to pick up a Jeep. These vehicles have a ton of safety features in their designs that help to keep you safe both off and on the road. Here are the common safety traits that Jeep vehicles possess:

Leveling Headlights:

If you have ever been driving down the road only to forget to turn your high beams off when you approach another vehicle, you will love this design. The car will lower your headlights for you so that you don’t have to worry about blinding other cars in front of you potentially causing an accident. A very good safety feature that just makes driving easier and keeps your focus on the road.

Turn Signals:

Side swiping other vehicles is one way that collisions are caused. This is generally when the person beside you is attempting to pass and you forget to check your blind spot before moving over a lane. Jeep has incorporated turn lights onto its mirrors in order to make sure that the vehicles behind you know where you are headed so that they can plot their course accordingly.

Electronic Stability:

Especially when you are going off-roading, you will find that it is relatively easy to lose control of your vehicle. In muddy and bumpy conditions or when going around bends, Jeeps are designed to recognize when you have lost control and they will automatically cut power and apply brakes as needed to give you back control of the vehicle.

Safety Ratings for a Jeep:

One of the best ways to tell if a vehicle is safe to drive is to see how it actually performs when someone crashes the vehicle. Regular people don’t crash their vehicles to test this, but there are a few companies that do. Here are the IIHS results for Jeep models in 2017:

ModelsModerate Overlap FrontSmall Overlap FrontSide ImpactRear impact
RenegadeGoodNot RatedGoodNot Rated

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