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Which Honda Model is Cheapest to Insure:

Honda ModelsMontrealTorontoCalgaryEdmontonOttawa

Facts about Honda:

  • Honda is known to be the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world
  • The company is located in Japan and manufactures automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and other power equipment
  • The company is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer
  • Honda owns Acura (its luxury brand)
  • Honda was founded in 1946 and became incorporated in 1948 on September the 24th

Buying a Honda:


Since Honda produces so many different cars, they are a very well-known auto manufacturer. The company has a huge lineup of different cars all with different specs available. Honda is known to be highly modifiable and relatively cheap and easy to work on, which is partially why it is such a popular vehicle. To help you be able to decide if a Honda vehicle is something you are interested in, here are some recent models and what they have to offer:

If you are looking to get a cheap vehicle, you will likely be a big fan of the Honda Fit or the Civic Sedan. The fit doesn’t have a ton of power or size, but it is extremely affordable. The Civic, on the other hand, has a very high amount of power for its price and you can get an upgraded civic if you want more speed and features.

Getting into the moderately priced Honda vehicles, you will find vehicles like the Accord Sedan, Coupe, and Hybrid. These cars offer a blend of a business look and fun. These cars have a decent amount of horsepower and very good handling. If you like SUVs, you will also find options such as the CR-V and HR-V in this price range.

A top-of-the-line Honda is not going to cost you a fortune, which is always nice. However, there are some very good quality vehicles that are very fun to drive at this price range. You can pick up a top-of-the-line Civic Type if you want a top-of-the-line, fast and fun car. Other options available are the Honda Pilot and Odyssey, which are great family vehicles. Finally, you could also grab the Honda Ridgeline truck in case you want to be able to tow things and carry things around with you.

Pros of Honda Cars:

  • These cars are known to be fairly cheap to fix
  • The cars have a ton of modifications available for them, especially in sporty models like the Civic
  • The fact that Honda offers a truck, an SUV, a Minivan, and a lineup of cars is ideal
  • Honda offers very affordable prices for the average consumer

Cons of Honda Cars:

  • These cars don’t have a ton of easily recognizable features to make you stand out in one of these vehicles
  • True high-end luxury is not an option in a Honda
  • Base models are fairly plain and you will likely be spending a decent chunk of money on features

List of All Honda Models in Canada

Accord CoupeCRX
Accord Crosstourdel Sol
Accord HybridElement
Accord SedanFit
Civic CoupeOdyssey
Civic del SolPilot
Civic HatchbackPrelude
Civic SedanRidgeline
Clarity Plug-In HybridS2000

Honda and Auto Theft:


Due to Honda being such a popular vehicle as far as car sales go, you will find that these cars are at high risk of being stolen. The Honda Civic specifically is notorious in the car industry for being a theft magnet. This is a vehicle that a lot of teens and young people drive and modify to a great extent. People are always looking for parts and deals on these vehicles, which is why you should make sure you have security measures in place. The best thing to do to protect your investment is to get comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle as it will allow you to have peace of mind knowing you are covered in the event of an accident or break into your vehicle.

Honda and Your Safety:


If you are worried about safety, you shouldn’t be too worried if you decide you want to pick yourself up a Honda. These vehicles are tested in order to check to see how safe they are in the event of a collision. They also contain numerous safety features created and input by Honda in order to give you peace of mind when driving around. Here are some of those features:

Adaptive Cruise:

One way that some people get into an accident is by having their car on cruise and accidentally bumping into the person that is in front of them. If you are looking for a car that is capable of preventing this from occurring, you might want to check into a Honda. These vehicles have adaptive cruise control built into them, which will always keep your car at a safe distance behind the person in front of you so that you don’t have to worry.

Collision Mitigation Braking System:

If you want to prevent a collision or at least reduce the impact of a frontal collision, you are going to like this safety feature. This system is designed to use radar and a forward-facing camera to detect what lies ahead of you. If there is a crash or slowed traffic, your car will alert you as to what is in front of you and it will actually automatically apply strong braking to help you react faster and avoid an accident.

Forward Collison Warning:

When you are driving along and not exactly paying attention to what the cars in front of you are doing, you may easily miss braking or a collision that is out in front. Honda’s are built with a warning system to notify you both visually and audibly that there is a potential collision ahead, which is great for allowing you to slow down in time and get the person that is behind you to slow down in time as well.

Safety Ratings for a Honda:

One of the best ways to tell if you want to buy a Honda or not is to look to see if you feel safe driving one. It is for this reason, we rounded up some of the IIHS crash test results for Honda models so that you can judge these cars safety technology for yourself and see if you truly want to buy one of these cars:

ModelsSmall Overlap FrontModerate Overlap FrontSide ImpactRoof StrengthHead Restraints and Seats
Accord 2 DoorGoodGoodGoodGoodGood
Civic 4 doorGoodGoodGoodGoodGood

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