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Which GMC Model is Cheapest to Insure:

GMC ModelsMontrealTorontoCalgaryEdmontonOttawa

Facts about GMC:

  • GMC was founded July 22nd, 1911
  • The company mainly manufactures trucks and utility vehicles
  • General Motors Company has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan
  • GMC produced around 600k trucks for use during world war two, which is quite impressive

Buying a GMC:


GMC is well known for its quality trucks and vehicles. The company has been producing these vehicles for so many years and adapting and adding new technology on a regular basis in order to match the needs and wants of consumers. If you want to buy a GMC, you have a lot of models to check out, here are some of the ones you might want to take a look at:

Starting at the cheapest models, you will find the GMC Canyon and the GMC Terrain. The Canyon is a very fuel-efficient truck that may not have a ton of towing capacity, but it does have many trims to choose from and it gets some pretty good gas mileage. Another great option for you if you are interested in an SUV is the GMC Terrain. Again, not the largest engine on the market, but it is a great family vehicle with a pretty nice interior that is more than capable of being able to get you from place to place.

Getting into the vehicles available for a larger budget, you are going to find quite a lot. You can find a 1500 GMC Sierra a GMC Acadia or you can even get a massive Savana GMC passenger van. You also have the option of paying a bit more money in order to get a Sierra 2500HD or 3500HD if you are going to be doing some towing and want to get a truck that has a little more power to it.

A top-of-the-line GMC is going to require a fair-sized budget, but you can get a very fast and nice vehicle. The GMC Acadia Limited, GMC Yukon, and GMC Yukon XL are all in the high price range with poor fuel economy and great big engines. If you need storage space these vehicles certainly have it. Definitely fun to drive, but these may not be practical or affordable for everyone.

Pros of GMC Cars:

  • The great thing about buying a GMC vehicle is that there are so many options to choose from and you always know that you are buying a car that is made by a reliable brand
  • A fairly reasonable price tag is always nice
  • Option to get a more expensive vehicle if you desire
  • Fairly reasonable repair costs on these vehicles
  • Trucks, cars, and SUV’s are available
  • These cars have lots of package options, which is ideal

Cons of GMC Cars:

  • GMC is not a luxury brand and therefore they don’t have top of the line interior designs
  • Some GMC’s with larger engines aren’t all that fuel-efficient
  • Larger vehicles like a lot of the ones made by GMC can be more difficult to park

List of All GMC Models in Canada

150 PickupEnvoySierra 3500HD
1500 PickupFC ChassisSonoma
250 PickupJimmySprint
2500 Cab-ChassisNew Sierra 1500Suburban
2500 PickupS15 JimmySYCLONE
350 PickupS15 PickupTerrain
3500 Cab-ChassisSafariTerrain Denali
3500 PickupSAVANA 1500 1/2 TONTracker
4500 PickupSavana 1500 PassengerTyphoon
910Savana PassengerYukon
AcadiaSierra 1500Yukon Denali
Acadia DenaliSierra 1500 DenaliYukon Hybrid
C10 PickupSierra 2500Yukon XL
CaballeroSierra 2500 Denali HDYukon XL Denali
CanyonSierra 3500
DenaliSierra 3500 Denali HD

GMC and Auto Theft:


If you own a GMC, you are definitely at risk of your vehicle being stolen. GMC is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and if you buy a popular model, there will be demand for parts for years to come, which makes it a target for thieves. To give you an idea of how much risk you are taking on, the National Insurance Crime Bureau rated the GMC Sierra 1500 Crew in 2012 as having 6 claims for every 1000 vehicles sold, which ranks fourth highest on the claims list. It is definitely a good idea to pick up some comprehensive insurance for your vehicle if you are going to get a GMC as six vehicles out of a thousand is quite a high rate of theft. You definitely wouldn’t want to be one of those people and be caught without having insurance and forced to buy a new vehicle. Comprehensive is definitely worth having.

GMC and Your Safety:


Since GMC is such a big-name automotive manufacturer, you are going to notice that they incorporate a lot of safety features into their vehicles. To give you a better idea, here is a description of some of the innovative safety features that GMC deploys into its lineup:


In the event that your GMC rolls over, you have among the best protection in the industry. GMC vehicles are almost always equipped with curtain airbags and in the event of a rollover, they deploy to protect you from smashing your body/ head into the side. Another thing you will find is that there are knee airbags in the design, which is ideal for keeping your legs in place when rolling and decreases the chances of you hurting yourself


You will love the stability control built into GMC vehicles and the peace of mind that it gives you. These vehicles are built to leave you in control at all times and will decrease engine power and apply any braking necessary to make sure that you are always able to move in the direction you please.


GMC lights are almost always designed to be streamlined in order to give you the best possible view of the road in front of you. Most models have auto daytime running lights and some even have mirror lights to increase the chance of other people on the road realizing your direction of travel, which is what you want in terms of your own safety.

Safety Ratings for a GMC:

If you want to make sure that you are safe on the road, you should look to see how GMC’s held up when they were crashed. This is a great way to tell how you might end up faring after an accident in the vehicle and especially if you have kids in the car with you, this could be a very important factor in your decision making. Here is a chart containing IIHS results for various crash tests done on GMC models:

ModelsSmall Overlap FrontModerate Overlap FrontSide ImpactRoof StrengthHead Restraints and Seats
GMC Sierra 1500AcceptableGoodGoodGoodGood
Acadia LimitedNot RatedGoodGoodGoodGood

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