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Which BMW Model is Cheapest to Insure:

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Facts about BMW:

  • BMW is a luxury brand German automobile manufacturer
  • The brand BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
  • The company was founded in 1916
  • BMW is one of the most popular, best-selling luxury automobiles on the market
  • BMW is the parent company over MINI’s as well as the big-name car Rolls- Royce

Buying a BMW:


If you want to buy a BMW, you are going to be paying a premium price for one of these types of vehicles. BMW is purely a luxury line of cars and although BMW does have some lower-end models available for sale, you will generally find that their cars are expensive. The nice thing about BMW is that no matter the car you buy, you get a good quality interior and a nicely built car. BMWs may be a little bit on the expensive side to repair, but these cars are known to turn heads.

Looking into the latest models that BMW offers, the least expensive model that they offer is the BMW 2 Series or BMW 3 series. These types of cars may not be packed with a ton of horsepower, but they do have a lot of style and comfort. These cars are definitely more expensive than an average car company’s lowest MSRP family vehicle, but they are extremely nice cars that anyone can enjoy driving.

If you have a moderate to high budget for a BMW and want to get something with a little bit more power in it, you can pick up a BMW 4 series, or if you are looking for a bit on the higher end of the price spectrum, a BMW 5 series. These cars have a ton of power and a different look than that of the BMW 3 series vehicles. You may spend more money on gas at the pump, but the speed and raw power of these cars are worth it if you are a car person.

If you are looking to pick up a top-of-the-line BMW, you will have a few different options. First of all, you can pick up an M series package, which makes the car have more speed and a different look and body style. You also have the option of picking up a BMW 6 series, 7 series or you can go for the sportier and more expensive BMW I8. All of these cars have a ton of power and a unique body style to them that is designed to make you stand out in a crowd. Expect to be at the gas pump a ton unless you pick up the electric BMW Hybrid 530e, but it is well worth the extra cost for the fun you can get out of these cars.

Pros of BMW Cars:

  • BMW is known to have luxurious, the comfortable leather interior’s in all of their models
  • All BMW’s have reliable engines in them so long as they are maintained properly
  • Expect to find a ton of package options available for all of the makes and models that BMW produces
  • The base model BMW’s still have a lot of nice features in them, which is always nice if you want to save some money on your vehicle
  • BMW does produce SUV’s and cars, which is good if you need more trunk space or want to be able to tow things

Cons of BMW Cars:

  • BMW’s take premium gas, which means that you are going to be paying more at the pump
  • Due to the high power that these cars have and the high cost of the exterior parts of this car, you may not want to drive it in winter conditions if you have a cold climate in your area
  • These cars are not exactly considered to be easy to work on and have a lot of difficult aspects to their designs

List of All BMW Vehicles

1 SeriesM
2 SeriesX1
3 SeriesX2
4 SeriesX4
5 SeriesX5
6 SeriesX5 M
7 SeriesX6
8 SeriesX6 M
i8Z4 M

BMW and Auto Theft:


When you buy a BMW, you may want to consider the fact that your car might get broken into. This is one of the most well-known luxury cars available on the marketplace, which makes it a big target for theft. These cars are so popular that parts for these cars can easily be stolen and sold on the black market. For this reason, you should definitely make sure that you get comprehensive coverage for your car. The good thing about owning a BMW is that they are highly recognizable if you happen to get your car stolen, which means that you do have a higher chance than some other cars that your car will end up being found. The BMW X5 was the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2016, which can give you some peace of mind.

BMW and Your Safety:


One great thing about owning a BMW is that they have a ton of different safety features in their designs. These cars have safety features in their designs regardless of what model you buy. Even base model bottom of line BMW’s are very safe cars. Here are some of the many things that BMW incorporates into their models in order to make their cars safer for the everyday driver:

Air Bags:

If you want to be safe in the case of a crash, you should definitely search for a car that has a lot of airbags in its design. BMW packs in a ton of airbags in their cars. You will find that there are passenger airbags, rear airbags, side head airbags, rear head airbags as well as a side airbag and a rear body airbag. All of these airbags combined will do a great deal in protecting you from jarring in the case of an accident and can most definitely save your life.

Integrated Turn Signal Mirrors:

One thing that you will like about BMWs is that they have integrated lights on their mirrors, which are very good in terms of keeping you safe on the road. The lights on your mirrors will allow you to be able to be spotted more easily on the road. Oncoming traffic and even cars that are two behind you will likely even be even to see your blinker on, which is great in terms of keeping you safe.

Blind Spot Monitoring:

One area that everyone has heard about is the blind spot. Even when you look over your shoulder, you still don’t have full vision in your blind spot. BMW has come up with a system that will let you know if there is a car in your blind spot, which will help reduce the chance of you accidentally sideswiping a car.

Safety Ratings for a BMW:

To give you an idea of how safe these cars are, we will compare the two popular BMW models and how they performed in crash tests. The BMW 3 Series and the BMW 5 Series:



ModelSmall Overlap FrontSideModerate Overlap FrontRoof StrengthHead Restraints and SeatsFront Crash Prevention
BMW 3 SeriesGGGGGAdvanced
BMW 5 SeriesGGGGGSuperior


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